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Privatnost podataka
Privatnost podataka
Privatnost podataka


Last updated: March 2018

While visiting our site, we respect your privacy. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service without sacrificing any of your privacy standards. The purpose of the following statement is to let you know who will see your information, and what we will do with them. At, we recognize that the privacy of your personal information is important. Here's information about what kind of personal information we receive and collect when you visit, and how we protected your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties.



We collect general information about the experience of our visitors on our website and this general information is not related to personal identities of individuals. The information collected includes which pages our visitors are viewing on our website and how visitors have come to our site. It also includes information about the type of browser and the provider that is used. For visitors who use the mobile version of our website, this includes technical information about the used device, such as screen size, cookie support by the device, and how images can appear. All this information helps us to provide a better experience for our visitors by identifying things about how to best format our mobile web versions for various devices, our most desirable sites, products and features, how to best target visitors to our site, and where there may be problems with connecting a service provider or service provider.

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To get acquainted with the Terms of Use of this website, visit the SITE USE.



Ewla collects personal information that you provide us with filling out forms. You can provide us with these personal information in many cases on our website or by sending an email, for example when interacting in the following cases: placing an order via; adding your information about yourself and others to your account; registration to participate in the promotion or to correct your wish lists; contact us with comments or questions; sign up to receive emails about our products and services; responding to an email asking for information from you; or applying for a job online. We also collect information using cookies, and URL links, as described under "Cookies" below. also collects and stores the following and connects it with your personal information: your IP address, your interactions with our website, your integration actions with us and the purchase you make through our site. Personal data categories that are collected at include the name, address, email address, phone number, and information about your orders.



To create an account on our website or to participate in certain features, our website: can ask you to allow us to access information from your account that you created on social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google, YouTube, and other similar sites ("Personal Social Media"). If you choose to allow us access to your personal social commitments, Ewla could collect some general information from your personal social media to which you approve access. Depending on the conditions on social media, this information may include: your name, email address, profile picture, gender, user ID, friend list, birthday, education history, history of work, current city in which you live, your interests, status connections. When you issue this license, Ewla will be able to continue to be associated with the permitted personal social account and collect information without requiring additional permission, which may include later revisions of existing information or new type of information that you add. If you no longer want your personal social media to link to our site, click on the "exclude" link on the social media and we will stop
collect this information. This privacy policy does not include privacy and security practices on social media sites where you have a Personal Social Account. Please review the privacy policy and terms of service on social media sites if you have any questions about your privacy or security practices.




Our website and e-mail are used, and our third-party service providers can use the browser function known as the cookie, which assigns unique identification to your computer or device. Cookies are usually stored on your computer's hard drive or mobile device. Information collected during a visit to our site or in interaction with our e-mail may include the following: IP address, URL of the page you visited; type of search engine; other technical information about your device that you used to visit our website or interact with our email; the pages you are reviewing; the characteristics you use; regardless of whether you have created an account or not; Do you perform certain transactions? and the time of your visit. This information allows us to determine the most commonly held items or what parts of the site you visit, which products are searched and / or purchased, the effectiveness of our site and email, your specific interaction with our web sites and the e-mail and difficulties that You can experience access to our website or email. With this knowledge, we can improve the quality of your experience on our website by identifying and setting up desired functions and information, personalizing your experience and solving access difficulties. In addition, our website uses cookies to track the items that you place in your Shopping Cart, and to see which pages you have visited in the past on our site. This allows you to keep shopping carts between visits. Our website also uses cookies to track information about unsubscribing, except information
about the method of payment.



If you want to work for us, you can submit a biography. When you fill out a hiring application, we collect personal information such as your name and contact details. We will use this information to evaluate you as a candidate for the position you applied for and to contact you in relation to that position. From time to time, in accordance with business needs, we organize public job offers for certain positions, and accordingly, you can apply according to your interest.


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If you visit our website from a location outside Serbia, please keep in mind that this site is registered in Serbia. This privacy policy regulates information collected from or on behalf of our site, regardless of where you are when you access, search, integrate, and shop through it (including those sent to addresses outside Serbia).



If you created an online account, we want to keep your personal information accurate and up to date. To do this, we give you the option to update or edit your personal information, including the address for payment, the desired information on the number of ships, payment information, and contact information. To request cancellation of your account, send an email to and include the email address of the account you want to cancel.



Ewla limits the number of employees who have access to the database containing personal data, and employees of Ewla are aware of the importance of confidentiality. In addition, our policy is to never send your payment card number via email.

Get acquainted with the SALE TERMS for all details regarding our sales policy on our site.