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Printing service

PolyPrint - Latest generation of laser printers

The print on all our products has been done with the help of TexJet PLUS Advanced water-based printers, which enables them to stay stable. The quality that we offer to our products, you can try on your own and get a true picture of the color stability.


Motives for the press:

The printer submits all kinds of prints with a wide range of motives that you can think of or take our existing motive.


The clothes on which we perform the press service are of the highest quality materials:

Cotton / Elastan
Cotton 100%
Polyester / Cotton, etc.


Print dimensions:

Dimensions firstly depend on your wishes and can range from minimum to maximum values ​​of 30 x 50cm.


Preparation for printing (extension of the motives):

If you are preparing a motive yourself, you need to provide us with adequately prepared material so that we can smoothly implement your wishes into reality. In that sense it is necessary that the file with the motive be vector (.eps or .tif extensions).

For all information, please do not hesitate to contact us