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Pomoc pri kupovini

Order help



1. REGISTRTION Prijava - Registracija

The best way to buy Ewla products is to first register / login, in the upper left part of the menu, by pressing:


1.1. Do I have to register to buy on the site?

No. To buy it is not necessary to register, but surely when ordering, you must enter all the necessary information that we must have in order to deliver you goods. That's why it's best to register once with your email address and enter all the necessary data, so they stay in our database and every next time you sign up, to buy, everything will be automatically filled. All required fields marked with an asterisk * must be filled in for successful registration.

By registration you agree: SITE USESALE TERMSRIVACY

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1.2. What information do I need to enter for registration / change of data? 

  • You must enter the name, surname, phone, e-mail, password, city, zip code, street and home number.
  • We need all the information so we can deliver and contact you in case of sudden situations.
  • To subsequently change the data, click the User Account in the top-left corner of the screen, and then click the "Edit" button. Please note that you must click the "Save" field at the bottom of the page where you are changing the data to save the changes.
  • If you want to add a new shipping address, click on the Saved Address fields (above your user data) and click on the first Add new customer field. Complete the information requested and click "Save" or "Save and Mark as Default".



2. ORDER Korpa

Learn how to easily order products and complete the purchase process.

2.1. Product selection - click on the product you want to order:

Ewla - Narucivanje - Odabir proizvoda

2.2. Size selection and dimension check:

Ewla - Narucivanje - Odabir kolicine i velicine

2.3. Select quantity and add to cart:

Ewla - Narucivanje - Stavljanje u korpu

2.4. Place the mouse over the Cartoon icon and select the option to browse the product in the basket or immediately complete the purchase:


Click on the Shopping basket box to view all the products and click:  zavrsi kupovinu


2.5. Log in, register or continue as a guest without signing up

Enter all delivery information if you are a guest, and if you are a registered user, this is automatically filled in, if you have previously logged in:


2.6. Select the options offered in the "Order Information" section:

Ewla - Narucivanje - Informacije

2.7. Click on "DATA CHECK" at the bottom of the page, a new page will open, view all data and agree with the Terms:

Ewla - Narucivanje - Provera podataka

2.8. Check the reCAPTCHA

Ewla - Narucivanje - reCAPTCHA

2.9. FINALY   potvrdi porudzbinu

By pressing this button you confirm the order and get the notification on the e-mail. Enjoy!