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About us

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We were established in 1994 under the name `` EXLUSIVE`` and for the next 8 years we operated under this name, in order to change the name in `` EWLA` `` S.Z.T.R. Under the original Ewla brand, we are placing the highest quality products for men's and women's sportswear: jackets, vests, sweat shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts ... The best materials used in our products are from the most famous manufacturers: Cotton / Elastan, Cotton 100% Polyamide, etc.
Our customers comment that the pieces of our clothes are full of warmth and love, and as such they assert that they are made from the heart, when training is pleasant to touch your body.
Therefore, in order to be convinced in these words of our customers, we suggest that you also contact us.




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«We work on the basis of creativity and responsibility, all for the sake of the satisfaction of the end consumer.
Relaxed style, authenticity and simple life are at the heart of the brand's philosophy.
These positive values shine at every level, from developing the idea to the last step,
using natural materials and responsible production».


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For more detailed information about our business, see Portfolio